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Completion Date

13 Nov 2019

Project Location

Martins Bay, New Zealand

Build Type

New Build

Build Time

5 Months

Martins Bay Builder, Building Your Dream Home

Our expertise is in crafting residences that harmoniously integrate with the stunning landscape of Martins Bay. From a little coastal cottage to a vast estate with breathtaking views, the skilled team at Martins Bay Builder is ready to transform your idea into a tangible masterpiece.

Bases That Make Us Best Builders

Martins Bay offers a lifestyle and a home. Witness the magnificent beaches and clear oceans beckoning you and the inviting community that generates a feeling of belonging for everybody. Building a home in Martins Bay involves organising a family holiday. Our development in this desirable location offers quiet, solitude, and a solid connection to nature to enhance your home experience.

Various Options and Designs for Your Dream Home 

We tailor individual construction solutions to each homeowner's demands and wants, keeping their uniqueness. From concept to completion, our professionals help you make your new home reflect your taste. Our attention to detail ensures that your Martins Bay property will surpass your expectations.

Environmentally Endurable Home Construction

We prioritise sustainability as the cornerstone of our construction concept. We promise that using only ethical materials and processes will make your house aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable. Constructing with us entails creating a beneficial impression on the world while enjoying a house constructed for longevity.

We are not just builders; we work to make your home construction that converts your vision into reality. ABC LTD brings modern designs and advanced technology that make us the best builders in New Zealand.

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